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They love Morphée

Based on 15 reviews
Geoff C.
Well set up little unit with great selection of relaxation

My wife struggles with sleep and sleep patterns, I am always on the lookout for something to help her relax. I came across Morphee one day and checked it out.
My wife was sceptical of it as we have tried downloaded apps and others relaxation stuff without success. We started off using the Natural sounds, then tried the Visualization sessions and my wife was falling asleep within the 20 min sessions. There is a great choice of Visualization sessions, so we can change the sessions when ever need to suit her mood. As we have only had Morphee for a few weeks we have yet to explore the other sessions but if they work as well as the visualization sessions it is well worth the purchase. Some of the quite breaks could be alittle shorter my wife says but overall, it is a fantastic little unit and I highly recommend people giving it a try, especially with the 100 days return what have you got to lose.

Morphée Zen
Lesley Harvey

Find it very hard to change settings- took numerous efforts and lots of pressure to change voice from male to female

Maree Edwards

I love it, the nature sounds, the stories are all great. The different breathing at the start of the stories sets you into a relaxed mode.

I recommended it to a friend and she loves it & bought one for her sister. I bought them for 2 of my grandchildren.

Sweet dreams

The design is simple and easy to carry out on the street, start using it and sleep well

My Little Morphée
Jacqulin Brusasco
Baby Johnson

Loved the gift

Ally Clements
We use it every night

Morphee is a great little thing
.Me and my son use it every night as part of our bedtime routine

Morphée Zen
Salome Suplis
Very happy!

I am very happy with my Morphee Zen! It allows me to refocus on myself at any time of the day and it also helps me fall back to sleep when I wake up at night. I recommend it!

Renee Clarke
Part of my self care routine

I've enjoyed listening to my Morphee as a relaxation technique before sleep. I like that there is a choice between male and female voice. I've also used it for daytime naps. It's been a forced self care as it's made me more aware I don't need my phone near me but instead use that valuable time listening to calming music and reading. Then often sleep to a meditation.

Donald Hood
Christmas gift

I'm experimenting with the different settings, but love what I've tried so far.

Kate Pascoe
Calming cat

My kids are loving falling to sleep to the calming sounds of a cat purring. If only we could get a look in to borrow it for some of the meditation settings.

My Little Morphée
Kristy Hare
Bought for the kiddies, now mum wants one!

Our Morphee has been used every night since it arrived! The amount of different combinations the kids can choose is great & they actually look forward to bedtime now! I will definitely recommend our morphee!

Anne Storey
Purchase Repeat

Well I just bought a second one for my friend for Christmas…say nomore

Fall asleep in 10 minutes!

Really recommend to have it to create a bedtime routine. My son loves astronauts so definitely the space stories are truly his favourites.

Lyn Northfield
Given with love

I have bought it to give to my daughter for her birthday . My younger daughter has one and loves it.

Brian William Smith
The Morphee Review

What an outstanding Product for sleep deprived people.
After many years of using Tapes, CD's, Meditation, Yoga, and Breathing Techniques to get a couple of hours sleep every night. I have the Answer.?
The Morphee is a well designed and easy to use Appliance with approximately 200 different programs to assist in obtaining at least a couple of hours restful sleep every night.
Brian Smith
Perth WA

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