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Discover Morphée

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Fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply

Fall asleep easily and enjoy a deep and restful sleep with Morphée.

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The benefits of Morphée, approved by health professionals

Morphée is used and recommended by sleep, wellness and health professionals. 

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How does Morphée work?

Make yourself comfortable, choose either Jessica's or Tim's voice to guide you, then select your session.

Turn the 1st key

And choose your theme. Morphée contains 8 relaxation and sleep techniques.

Turn the 2nd key

And choose your session. Each theme contains 8 different sessions.

Turn the 3rd key

And choose the duration of your session. Each session is available in 2 formats: 8 or 20 minutes.

Discover the sessions and listen to some excerpts

Morphée contains 210 combinations of guided sessions all carried out by a team of relaxation experts, supervised by Florence Binay, a sophrologist specialising in sleep.  

The sessions are divided into 8 themes...

Breathing Sessions

These 16 sessions allow you to relax by shifting your attention to your breathing. They allow you to calm your mind and cut yourself off from your day and fall asleep more peacefully.

Movement Sessions

These 16 sessions invite you to gently contract certain muscles and feel them relax as you breathe out. They allow you to focus on your feelings and release muscle tensions.

Visualisation sessions

These 16 sessions take you on a journey: on the beach, in the mountains or on a bike ride. They invite you to unwind by imagining a pleasant and peaceful environment.

Body Scan sessions

The 16 Body Scan sessions invite you to shift your attention to your body. When doing so, the flow of thoughts slows down and gradually relaxes each part of the body.

Cardiac coherence sessions

These 16 sessions reduce the number of breaths per minute (they go from 10 to 6) to decrease the heart rate. When doing so, your body relaxes and gradually allows you to fall asleep.

Napping sessions

These 16 sessions begin with a 4-minute relaxation exercise, followed by an 8 or a 20 minutes silence (depending on the duration selected). Sessions end with nature sounds to wake up peacefully.

Relaxing Music

Discover the soothing music especially composed by Gilles Maugenest for Morphée.

Nature Sounds

Morphée contains 8 nature sounds recorded in binaural (3D). These recordings allow you to be completely immersed when listening with headphones. The nature sounds were recorded from all around the world and invite your to change environment (by the sea, in the jungle, at home on a rainy day, next to the log fire...). 

Listen to an extract of the cat's purr.